Pledge wall kiosk


2018 at D8


UI Design

AIA are focussed on supporting their staff to live a healthy life. Employees were encouraged to make a pledge to AIA set up two pledge walls located at the entrance of their Hong Kong office. One displayed digital pledges and the other was a space to pin paper pledges.

Employees could use the kiosk to create their pledge, upload to the digital wall and print out a physical copy. Pledges contained an image that was taken by the kiosk camera or uploaded on the user’s phone by scanning a QR code on the interface.

My role was to work with an external development company to deliver an interface that was quick, easy and simple to use. The interface became a three step process. 1. Select your pledge photo. 2. Enter your details and type your pledge. 3. Review, upload and print your pledge.

Ultimately the goal was to make the kiosk experience as smooth as possible so attention could be focused on the physical impact of the walls. Engaging with colleagues pledges and being part of a community.

Other AIA work includes

Website UX / UI design
Intranet UX / UI design
Screensaver animation
Email design

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